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House Kombucha


House Kombucha is a Kombucha Tea brand based in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on selling all natural fermented tea with organic ingredients.

This project encompassed the branding system, style guide, icon set, sales collateral, packaging design, web design, and site implementation.

Various images appear courtesy of House Kombucha.

House Kombucha Logo

Finished Logo

Logo Explorations


Logo Design

Originally, the House in brand name stood for House music, the visual direction followed this approach - clean, modern, and hip. After several explorations, the team at House felt like this approach didn't best represent their ethos, and it was determined to follow and approach that reinforced their commitment to natural organic ingredients and the all hand made local approach. The key icon referenced was the San Francisco Heart, this is where the House Kombucha logo mark derives it's distinct stem and stand on the bottom. The bricks are a nod to community building and the Heineken World Bottle, one of the earliest inspirations for the brand.

House Label Template

Label Template

House Icons


Original Bottle Design

Original Bottle Design

Aluminum Can Design

Aluminum Can Design

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew


Growler Design

Bottle Redesign

Label Redesign


The goal of House Kombucha's packaging was to contrast with the flowery psychadelic branding of most competitors with a back to basics approach. We also wanted to stress the unique flavors inspired by a global approach.

Bottle design originally consisted of a transparent label on 16oz glass bottles. Each flavor had a custom icon meant to evoke passport stamps with imagery specific to the region of the ingredients. As the brand evolved, cold brew coffee, aluminum cans and growlers were added to the product line.

Most recently, the entire line of labels was redesigned after market research to pop more on shelves and make each flavor have a distinct brand, including pattern, icon, and color scheme.






Various collateral and applications of the branding.

Web Design

Web Design Mockup


As part of the total branding package, I also designed the website. The site was a full eshop targeted towards loyal customers, distributors, and stockists. The site was built in Drupal using Commerce. The theme was created from the ground up, full responsive.